Browns QB draft history could be worse: They wanted to take JaMarcus Russell in 2007

Cleveland is where quarterbacks go to die. There is a long list of names the Browns have plugged into the starting quarterback role since the franchise returned in 1999, with none of them ever finding much success, save for Derek Anderson’s outlier 2007 season.

This is a lot to process. The greatest player in NEW Browns history, Joe Thomas a sure-fire Hall of Fame player and one of the few great players to join that franchise since 1999 was very nearly not a member of the Browns. Let’s imagine what would have happened had the Browns drafted Russell.

2007: The Raiders go Calvin Johnson, the Lions go Joe Thomas, the Browns go JaMarcus Russell, who has the exact same career with the Browns only it’s more disastrous somehow. Our pal Brady is spared the Cleveland Curse and goes on to win an MVP when Andy Reid selects him as Donovan McNabb’s replacement in Philadelphia instead of Kevin Kolb. (You can take the Kolb string down your own wormhole.)

This list will go through the first round of the draft and determine which players were selected with great value, meaning they were taken below where they were expected. And we’ll also look at poor value, meaning they went higher in the draft than anticipated.

We’ll give the top five examples of each, in no particular order.

Meet Gerhard De Beer, SA’s aspiring NFL star More Not many South Africans grow up dreaming about becoming a professional in the NFL – the premier American football league in the world. Neither did Gerhard de Beer for that matter.

But head coach Pete Carroll said during one of his weekly appearances on Seattle’s 710 ESPN in January that Avril (as well as Chancellor) would have a hard time playing football again.

In a goodbye message to Seattle fans on Instagram, Avril said nothing about his intentions for the future:

If Avril is cleared to get back on the field, it will be with a new team.

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