It’s okay Andy, it’s not that bad.

Andy Dalton isn’t having a good day in Baltimore and it got a little worse as he was sacked in the third quarter of Sunday’s game.

Dalton was attempting to pass to Giovani Bernard when he realized the running back may have not seen him. Know the look on someone’s face in a movie when they are clinging for dear life and finally let go? This is that face.

The Cowboys’ secondary is like a B12 shot for opposing passers, and it helped the Saints shake off their Jets-induced doldrums. Brees and the boys looked like world beaters Sunday night as their Supermen in the Superdome act continued and Rob Ryan tasted sweet revenge against Jerry Jones. Veteran know-how and bright coaching keeps the Saints ahead of the surging Panthers by a nose this week. Their late-season matchups will be fascinating to watch to see if Sean Payton can prevent Carolina from dragging his high-flying bunch down into the mud for a wrasslin’ match.

Game Mens Wayne Gretzky Jersey The seams are beginning to show in a big way in Cincinnati. The Bengals have suffered a trio of devastating losses: Geno Atkins, Leon Hall and the lucky horseshoe that Andy Dalton was carrying against the Bills, Lions and Jets. The horseshoe at least put in a cameo appearance on Dalton’s lulzy Hail Mary to A.J. Green, but the Bengals are looking more ordinary by the moment. Bold Power Rankings Prediction: If the Bengals don’t get past the Browns at home this week, they cough up the division.

Game Mens Chicago Cubs Jersey Watching Jason Garrett and Bill Callahan try to scheme Dez Bryant open is like watching a rhesus monkey try to fly an F-22. The madcap abandon of the Broncos game is a distant memory, as Dallas’ offense devolves into a primitive, brutish thing that tries to do stuff in the most difficult way possible.

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