Raiders are asking Oakland season ticket holders for $100 to save a seat in Vegas

Raiders fans got a curious offer from the team that allows them to spend $100 now to ensure they have a spot in Las Vegas when the team’s new stadium is finally completed. It might seem like a neat offer, except for the fact, you know — current season ticket holders live in California and all.
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The knife has already been driven into the hearts of die-hard fans, and this is just twisting it even more. The request to save a seat is accompanied by a hype video showing off the stadium’s new spot in Vegas, which boasts an impressive glass room, minutes from the Vegas strip and games inside that look like they were lifted out of Madden 2001.

So, Raiders season ticket holders: Rush now to get your spot in a stadium that isn’t built yet for an undetermined date so you can watch your favorite team in a new city. You’d think the team might be a little more understanding of how much this is hurting fans, but nope.

Make no mistake — Foster was an outstanding back in 2010 and 2011, and while his physical skills might not have dazzled in every system, he was a tremendous fit for Houston’s one-cut-and-go zone scheme. But one of the corollaries of The Iron Law of Running Back Fungibility states that a dollar invested in your offensive line will almost always go farther than a dollar invested in your back.
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What’s more, in 10 years (or maybe much sooner) there will be no single act of fiscal irresponsibility more mocked in retrospect than the big second contract to the game’s shortest-lived and most replaceable position. It may still face stiff competition from “Big Free Agent Contracts To Wide Receivers By Teams With Dubious QBs” and “Big Money to Defenders Over 30,” but Foster-type deals will often look hideous in hindsight even without Foster’s specific back and hamstring woes.

The San Francisco 49ers shouldn’t be phased by the criticism.

Reducing this team’s success to simply going for it on fourth-and-short is myopic. The far greater reason the team is enjoying a five game win streak is new-found reliability on the offensive line. In the first four games of the season, Cam Newton was pressured 50 times. He’s a quarterback known for his athleticism, but nobody is able to compete with that kind of a regular pressure.

It’s hard to determine exactly what changed. The team’s offensive principles remained the same, and the personnel wasn’t drastically adjusted but they learned to play, seemingly overnight. In the next four games Carolina allowed only 32 total pressures on a 4-0 run.

Determining whether this team was real depended on who you asked. Some saw a pattern of close games and reliable defense and noted that one or two mistakes turned the tide in each or the Panthers’ losses. Others were quick to point out that Carolina didn’t really play a difficult schedule, beating up bad teams (though good football teams are supposed to win big against bad teams) and struggling against good ones.

The San Francisco 49ers shouldn’t be phased by the criticism. They hold a Wild Card spot now and still have a chance to pressure the Seattle Seahawks at the top of the NFC West. This latest round of criticism and response speaks to a larger issue of the endless cycle of building up and breaking down young players. It wasn’t long ago that Dilfer’s co-worker Ron Jaworski believed Kaepernick “could be one of the greatest quarterback ever,” which still could be true — but perhaps it’s time for evaluation before exaggeration, on both sides.

Reached Tuesday, Dilfer said while Kaepernick remains “an incredible player and an incredible athlete,” his development as a passer has “plateaued” this season, and he hasn’t made enough progress in his second season as a starter.

It’s okay Andy, it’s not that bad.

Andy Dalton isn’t having a good day in Baltimore and it got a little worse as he was sacked in the third quarter of Sunday’s game.

Dalton was attempting to pass to Giovani Bernard when he realized the running back may have not seen him. Know the look on someone’s face in a movie when they are clinging for dear life and finally let go? This is that face.

The Cowboys’ secondary is like a B12 shot for opposing passers, and it helped the Saints shake off their Jets-induced doldrums. Brees and the boys looked like world beaters Sunday night as their Supermen in the Superdome act continued and Rob Ryan tasted sweet revenge against Jerry Jones. Veteran know-how and bright coaching keeps the Saints ahead of the surging Panthers by a nose this week. Their late-season matchups will be fascinating to watch to see if Sean Payton can prevent Carolina from dragging his high-flying bunch down into the mud for a wrasslin’ match.

Game Mens Wayne Gretzky Jersey The seams are beginning to show in a big way in Cincinnati. The Bengals have suffered a trio of devastating losses: Geno Atkins, Leon Hall and the lucky horseshoe that Andy Dalton was carrying against the Bills, Lions and Jets. The horseshoe at least put in a cameo appearance on Dalton’s lulzy Hail Mary to A.J. Green, but the Bengals are looking more ordinary by the moment. Bold Power Rankings Prediction: If the Bengals don’t get past the Browns at home this week, they cough up the division.

Game Mens Chicago Cubs Jersey Watching Jason Garrett and Bill Callahan try to scheme Dez Bryant open is like watching a rhesus monkey try to fly an F-22. The madcap abandon of the Broncos game is a distant memory, as Dallas’ offense devolves into a primitive, brutish thing that tries to do stuff in the most difficult way possible.

USA celebrated the World Baseball Classic win with a giant eagle statue

Its impromptu appearance during a celebratory hug was one of the highlights of the night:

Lace ’em up. Time for the Morning Skate.

It was only a matter of time until Connor McDavid COMPLETELY MADE MY NEWSLETTER LOOK FOOLISH.

I didn’t know he was on our mailing list. But apparently he was, because he went out on Wednesday and made people forget about Sidney Crosby’s goal the night before.

I’m sorry, Overlord Connor. Please spare me.

After years of flagging interest in a once-popular sport on the island, manager Edwin Rodriguez sees huge changes in Puerto Rico’s baseball culture over the past eight years. He credits them partly to the nation’s WBC success in 2013 as the runner-up to the Dominican Republic.
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There’s more youngsters playing baseball, Rodriguez said. [In the previous] 10, 15 years, those good athletes, they were either playing baseball or volleyball or basketball, and now soccer.

Right now, because we have so many talented young players in the big leagues, those very good athletes, when they get to that age of 15-, 16-year-olds, they’re more inclined to stay in baseball.

Elite Youth Jordan Poyer Jersey McKay said the NFL wanted to limit the amount of overtime in order to minimize the exposure of players whose teams might have quick turnarounds for their next game. The leaping rule would prevent players from putting themselves in potentially dangerous or awkward positions as they jump over opponents who are reaching for them. The previous incarnation of the rule was difficult to officiate.

4 ways to look at the Chicago Fire signing Bastian Schweinsteiger

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The Chicago Fire announced on Tuesday that they’ve signed Bastian Schweinsteiger from Manchester United, and it is a move that is drawing mixed reactions.

If you are a Fire fan, you can choose to be excited. Hot Time in Old Town is James Bridget Gordon is. I am sitting here writing this and thinking about an inverted midfield triangle of Schweini-Dax-Juninho and I keep getting lost in a reverie, they wrote. And with his years of experience and leadership qualities, the dressing room will start to stitch itself together in a way we haven’t seen in a long time.

Your newsletter writer is less optimistic. I think it is a bad investment for Chicago, and I don’t think he is a good tactical fit. This is also an organization that has signed a lot of bad DPs and failed to win a playoff game for the last eight years, so they don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt.

So how will he fit in the team? Top Drawer Soccer is Will Parchman tried to work it out, and he struggled. You can’t ask Juninho or Dax McCarty to play as anything other than twin defensive engines and not expect to kneecap your builds, Parchman says. And I am not convinced Schweinsteiger is heat maps will be all that bloody on the north end of the halfway line. Which means you are probably asking a lot from your forward to drop in and from your wingers to pinch to find the ball.

Game Kids Wilt Chamberlain Jersey At Fox Soccer, Nate Scott takes the angle that Schweinsteiger is signing reflects poorly on MLS. The lessons have been learned, or so we thought, he wrote. This is the future. The thing that gets people excited is winning. Play fun soccer, win games, the fans will turn up … Signing big, known, aging names? That might work for a week or two, but if the soccer is dire, who is turning up?

There is no doubt that Schweinsteiger is one of the best players of his generation, but is he a good signing for the Fire? Time will tell, but most analysts think he isn’t.

GGG vs. Jacobs results: Gennady Golovkin defeats Daniel Jacobs in narrow decision

Gennady Golovkin earned a unanimous decision victory in the main event of a pay-per-view contest on Sunday, beating Daniel Jacobs over 12 rounds. It was a close fight, one in which Golovkin was heavily favored. By the time the decision came around, many felt that Jacobs had done enough to beat Golovkin.

Ultimately, Golovkin got the win, with the judges scoring the bout, 115-112, 115-112, 114-113.

At the start of the fight, Golovkin landed some nice shots, but ultimately Jacobs was fighting a defensive style that seemed to frustrate Golovkin. Eventually, Golovkin found his mark, though, and sent Jacobs to the mat in the fourth round. Golovkin swarmed, but Jacobs recovered.

Golovkin couldn’t really capitalize on the knockdown, and while he did land some good shots and generally stayed out of trouble on defense, Jacobs started to throw more and, accordingly, land more. Going into the eighth round, Jacobs had an argument for having won the prior two rounds.

There was a good response from Golovkin in the ensuing rounds but Jacobs continued to defend well, and when he let his hands go, Golovkin didn’t do much to respond. Going into the 11th round, many were speculating that Golovkin needed a finish to win the fight.

Golovkin put together some nice flurries in the 11th and 12th rounds, but he didn’t land anything big. Meanwhile, Jacobs put together some excellent combos in the final minutes to put an exclamation point on what was really just a smart, smart fight from him.

Hungarian hockey analyst breaks down play with giant NSFW drawing

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Do you need more hard-hitting hockey analysis in your life? Hungary¡¯s got you covered. Let¡¯s see how this clip was broken down:

This makes sense. The defender is skating around the blind side to try and take away an outlet pass. Got it.
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Yes, but the second skater is going to meet him in front of the net. This could be a problem.

You almost literally cannot have a worse month. It wasn¡¯t that the Falcons got thumped by Ohio State, MTSU, and Memphis and barely beat FCS North Dakota. It was that, against those FBS opponents, they didn¡¯t belong on the same field.

An offense that averaged 6.7 yards per play in 2015 averaged 4 against those three FBS opponents, and that was with nearly half of each game coming against backups. The defense, meanwhile, was a total abomination, giving up 7.8 yards per play. What happens when your opponent is nearly doubling your yardage? You lose by a combined 195-34.

Hell, with the way the Falcons played in September, beating North Dakota was a significant upset.

After tight losses to three MAC bowl teams (EMU, Ohio, Toledo) and brief steps backwards against Miami and NIU, Bowling Green finished the year beating Akron by 10, Kent State by 35, and Buffalo by eight. Now, these three were awful, but so were the Falcons for much of the season.

There’s surely a Football Explanation for what happens here, but I prefer to imagine that these Schiano men finally learned the meaning of the word “quit.” Look at Greg Schiano, Greg Schiano, Greg Schiano, and Greg Schiano. In unison, they flock to the bench in the middle of the play, and they only turn around upon realizing that they are running toward the wrong bench. Meanwhile, quarterback Greg Schiano sees the Panthers’ line descend upon him like an avalanche, and Caleb Leach runs in the abandoned football for an easy touchdown.

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This incredible Penguins fan gave a person in need a moment they’ll never forget

An incredible act of kindness from a Pittsburgh Penguins fan resulted in one of the coolest stories we’ve seen.

Jimmy Mains had an extra ticket to the game on Wednesday night, a nice problem that many sports fan have found themselves in. Maybe you hit up your friends to see if they want to go or post on Facebook to ask an acquaintance — Jimmy did the same, but there were no takers. He decided to go to the game alone, and he met Rob along the way.

Rob is homeless, and he asked Jimmy for money as he was walking to the arena. Jimmy told Rob that he didn’t have money on him but offered his extra ticket to the man — suggesting he could get out of the cold for a while.

The Steelers selected Timmons 15th overall back in 2007 and he was a fixture in the team’s defense. Though his tenure got off to a slow start — he didn’t become a regular starter until 2009 — his ability to work as both a pass rusher and a run stopper has helped him carry on a tradition of stout defenses in western Pennsylvania.

Timmons has been in the league for a decade, but is still playing at a high level. He’ll be 31 next season, but is just two years from being named a Second Team All-Pro linebacker. His 114 combined tackles were enough to lead the entire Pittsburgh defense in 2016.

Adding the high-profile linebacker will add a starter to a Miami defense that struggled in many aspects in 2016. The Dolphins were No. 30 in rushing defense and No. 29 in total yards allowed. Timmons is an important leader both on and off the field, and his presence will be important for the team’s emphasis on building the defense in free agency and through the draft this spring.6